Vendor Blenders - June 2010

Charity Craft and Vendor Fair

Thank you for your interest in this event!

Date of Event: June 19th, 2010

Location: Curves Frisco, Texas


 8700 W. Main Street

Frisco, Texas 75034

Number of Vendors:  25 indoor 20 outdoor 

Cost:  $50.00 indoor $40 for outdoor


Other Details:

This event will benefit the "American Cancer Society".

Food & Drink:  Outside Food and Drinks Permitted

Advertising:  In addition to the normal advertising outlined in the Rules & Guidelines, Policies and Procedures and Contract, the venue will assist with advertising to the local community. 

Also:  Four (4) - 6ft. banners outside of thevenue, 100 posters, 5000 fliers, and 5000 postcards handed out and posted prior to the show.  


REMEMBER this is a privately sponsored event thus if you have questions or concerns please contact the Vendor Blender team for assistance.

Online Application (below) and Payment (Paypal) MUST be received in order for your application to be considered complete. If your application is denied for ANY reason you will receive a refund of your fees paid via PayPal. If you have any questions or concerns please email us here. Important:  AFTER submitting your application you will be taken to an outside website. You must come back to the Vendor Blenders website to submit payment. They are two separate processes.


We look forward to working with you on this event and wish you the most success in your business!  


This event will take place in Frisco, Texas. This show will host up to 45 vendors with indoor and outdoor spaces available. Indoor spaces will be 9ft wide X 5ft deep. Outdoor Spaces will be 10ft X 10ft. Spaces will be sold by preference and on a first come first serve basis. Due to the nature of the spaces indoors Vendor Blenders cannot guarantee that you will not be near a vendor of a similar type. We will make a best effort to avoid this type of situation however can make no guarantees. This event will take place on June 19, 2010 from 11am-4pm. This event will sponsor the "American Cancer Society". Persons wishing to secure indoor spaces should do so as soon as possible as these spaces will sell out first. Outdoor spaces are not covered and thus canopies are highly recommended. If you have questions regarding this event please feel free to call or email us. We will only allow a total of 5% of vendors each category of product. The 5% limit will be both indoor and outdoor vendors combined. The following vendor types are encouraged to secure their spaces early as they will fill up the quickest:

Candles, Jewelry, Clothing, Food.


Vendors must print and bring a copy of this signed contract upon checkin to the facility.


Due to overwhelming response to our events you WILL NOT receive email notification after submitting application and payment unless there is a problem. You will receive information regarding setup and parking, and other show information via email the week of the event. If you have questions in the mean time please feel free to call or email us (email is best).

June 2010 INDOOR Vendor Space

$ 50.00 USD

8ft wide X 5ft deep INDOOR space for June 2010 Vendor Blender.

ONLY 1 Table allowed in the INDOOR Spaces

***Additional tables will not be allowed in indoor vendor spaces. Additional Spaces may be purchased. Photo is for size reference only and does not depict actual space or items you are renting. Colors and patterns may vary by venue. Please email us if you have questions.


June 2010 OUTDOOR Vendor Space

$ 40.00 USD

OUTDOOR SPACE - 10ftX10ft space for June 2010 Vendor Blender.

***Additional tables, chairs and linens are available at an additional charge. Photo is for size reference only and does not depict actual space or items you are renting. Colors and patterns may vary by venue. Electrical available on a first come first serve basis for an additional charge. Vendor must supply their own extension cord.


Electrical Indoor and Outdoor (June)

No Image Available

$ 10.00 USD

Electrical - one outlet per $5 paid. Vendor may provide their own serge protector to allow for additional outlets. Vendor Must provide an extension cord (minimum 20ft for indoor and 50ft for outdoor). Outlets will be assigned on a first paid first assigned basis. Outlets will not be rented on the day of the event.

Table & Chairs (June)

$ 10.00 USD

Includes 1- 8ft Table, 2 - Chairs. Picture is for reference only and does not depict the actual items you will receive. Colors and patterns may vary by venue.

Detailed description and listing of all products to be displayed/sold at your booth.
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