Our Life is 501c3 Charity dedicated to the support and recovery of Victims of Childhood Abuse. May of the clients supported through the charity come to us after being helped by other organizations to leave lives of prostitution and sex trafficing. These individuals often are introduced to the lifestyle as young children or adolescents and in turn have become completely dependent on that life style to provide for their day to day needs. Often these individuals have never had a bed of their own, clean clothing, and it has been weeks or months since their last full nights sleep. 

Our life helps these individuals restart their lives by first providing emergency services from medical care to food and housing. Once these individuals are safe and stabilized through counseling, and life coaching, Our life helps these individuals obtain financial independence, job training, and eventually housing to meet their needs. Many times these individuals require drug and alcohol dependency counseling, on going health care, in and outpatient treatment, and long term followup care. Our life helps these individuals who have fallen though the cracks of the system to start over. We empower these individuals in a way that they are working to earn their way and are not having to ask for help, but are learning to use the resources available to them. Many times these individuals do no know that there are resources to help them and we are here to point them int he right direction. We partner with many other organizations to provide life changing services for these individuals. 

Our goal is to free these individuals from an unchosen bondage through hope, and direction. 

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