4 hours with Mikey Henger

Mikey Henger -Blurring the line between hairstylists and barbers, Mikey teaches the hybridization of both these fields together. Blending new school in with old school, you will learn how to create styles that set trends, not follow. The class will focus on cutting techniques and tips to not only build your book, but more importantly, your brand. 

Learn techniques that will help you create dynamic clipper cuts that will add to your clients without changing them. This look and learn class will include 4 hours of Demonstration, education, live models, Q&A and refreshments.  Purchase Your tickets below.

Monday April 17, 2017 8am-12PM

Tickets - $50 Earlybird - before January 1.

Tickets - $75 - January 1-April 17.


Get Hands on with Mikey Henger! Spend 4 hours perfecting your clipper cutting techniques to enhance your client, and take your cutting skills to the next level! Only 10 spots available, you must attend the Look and Learn in order to participate in this event! 

Tools You will need to bring: Combs, Clippers, Guards, Cape, Apron, Clips, Water Bottle, Shears, a live model, (Model will only be allowed in during the hands on class unless they purchase a ticket for the look and learn.) Purchase your tickets below.

Monday April 17, 2017 1PM-5pm

Tickets - $200 per stylist   -   INCLUDES LOOK AND LEARN

Mikey Henger Cutting Class
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